Reba, age 15, beloved pet and companion of Meredith Mayo, died May 31, at the home of her grandpeople, Ray and Elaine Mayo, Hawkinsville. Because of Meredith’s work schedule and Reba’s declining health, she had recently lived in Hawkinsville in order to have around the clock care. At an early age, Reba was discovered in a dumpster. After she was found, she was adopted by Meredith and enjoyed a fun-filled, long and happy life. She enjoyed camping, long road trips, sitting in the car listening to music, sitting in her favorite chair by the window watching the yard critters and roaming the woods. She also was always on duty as guardian of the home. She was preceded in death by her sister, Pumpkin Kitty, Aunt Mazie, Uncle Scooter, and numerous “people” and furry friends and cousins.

Reba was a great lady, so humble, polite and well mannered. She was loved by all who knew her and will be greatly missed.

Thank you to Dr. John Bembry, Hawkinsville and Pet Plantation Funeral Home and Crematory, Warner Robins for their compassionate care of Reba.

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