On November 1, 2012 we lost our beloved Luke to illness. He was just shy of eight years old and unfortunately he was only with our family for a little under four years. Since we had baby sat him from the time he was a puppy, he adapted to our “crew” readily. As with most pets he had a unique personality, especially his adoration of our youngest cat. He was fiercely protective of our home and though we have six other pets his absense has left our home and hearts empty. He was deeply loved and will always be missed.

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  1. Christi Griffin

    Sorry for your loss!


    I see Lukes smiling face and it brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. When I think of you Luke I think of that mean old dark bark and you running around like a happy child when you were adopted by the Futch’s. I am so glad you knew love before going on. My family loved you and we will miss you Luke.
    The Duncan’s

  3. Pamela Krakowski

    Luke was one of a kind and we loved him fiercely. Thank the Heavens he came into our lives and brightened our days with his beautiful and loving personality. He is certainly missed.

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