“My Sweet Baby Girl, Kelsey”

We found each other in 1994, when we both needed a friend the most. You were full of mischief and always made me laugh. You got me through the rough years and when “Daddy” came into our lives you were fully accepting and had your own special friendship with him, as well. Our family grew to include your sisters, Lexie and Allie, and although you seemed a bit miffed about it at first, you all grew to love each other very much.

Kelsey, you were my rock for over 18 years and the Queen of our home. We miss you greatly. Your body gave out after 21 years but the love and memories that we have will last forever. I will never forget My “Pretty Kitty”!

Love, Hugs, Kisses and Treats Forever,
Mommy, Daddy, Lexie, and Allie Barker

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  1. Lorinda

    I miss you so much! Our home hasn’t been the same without you. I never thought I would miss cleaning a litter box, but I do. We miss your loud meow’s and your demands for attention. Every time Allie hears a cats meow she searches the entire house for you. Kelsey, you are missed greatly. Our lives have been changed because of you. Thank God for you! You are so special. We talk about you all the time and will never forget you! We had a special bond that I will cherish forever.
    Love, Always and Forever, Mommy

  2. chase smith

    Aunt Rinda, I am so sorry you lost your “pretty kitty” she loved u dearly even though I really never saw her because she would be eaither hidding or under the bed, And even though she had a mean streak in her she love every one in her own way.because she was the diva of the house!!!!and always will be
    we love both of yall so dearly
    if u need any thing just call
    love,chase smith

  3. Kay Smith

    Michelle, so sorry about kelsey. She has been your baby for years and years. I remember going to feed her with Kim when you were out of town. She would not always let me get her bowl. She even tried to bite me. We would laugh and wonder why she did’nt seem to like us very much. It had to be because we were not you. She loved you [her mommy] above and beyond anyone. She was lucky to have had you for her very own mommy. Her love and memory will always be with you. I love you, Kay.

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