Cremation Prices

This price list covers Macon, Warner Robins, Bonaire, Kathleen, Perry, Byron, Fort Valley, Centerville and surrounding areas.


0 – 15 lbs.
16 – 35 lbs.
36 – 64 lbs.
65 – 95 lbs.
96 – 120 lbs.
121 – 200 lbs.










We only charge a transportation fee if we go to a family’s home or to the veterinarian on a nonscheduled day. Fees start at $75.00.

The usual time for a private or semiprivate cremation is 3 to 6 days. For same day service add $100.00 to Private cremation fee.

You may place toys, letters, pictures, most anything of this nature with the pet that makes the family feel comfortable. Exceptions are anything metal or a toy with batteries.

We must be informed if the pet has had any surgery that includes any metal placed in the animal or a pacemaker.

We will not accept skunks.

For everyone’s safety, please let us know if the pet had rabies or any questionable sickness we may need to be aware of.