In Memory of Police Canine ARNO
DOB: 9/21/1998
In-Service Date with WRPD: 10/10/2002
Retired from Service:
Final Call Date:
Arno’s duties where criminal apprehension, weapons & explosive, evidence pertaining
to firearms, tracking of persons and community relations. Arno’s track record: Arrests
through deployments – 52, number of bites from deployments of canine “0”. Tracks of criminals & missing persons – 80. Canine apprehension / building searches conducted – 177. Number of security / protection details – 36. Total number of weapons searches – 56. Guns recovered from deployment – 7. Bomb threat calls and searches – 30. Call outs for service – 33. Public demonstrations & community relations – 52. Total number of deployments – 578.
Arno will be missed & his dedication to service remembered.

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  1. The Futch Family

    Arno’s life sounded great. He appears to have been very loved & cared for. We just lost our beloved German Shepard, Luke, in November & read Arno’s obituary. He sounded like an incredible police officer & friend and we are so very sorry for your loss. Hopefully he & Luke will meet & become friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

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